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Worn, Wet, Used Panty Coupons

After about a year of planning, designing, and building My site is finally up and running. Now anyone with internet access can get their hands on a pair of My panties. Imagine having the scent of My pussy right under your nose. Envision slipping your hand into your pocket during a long boring day at work,

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Paula’s Panties

Paula was sexy…

I’m quite the Craiglist Predator, lol. I absolutely LOVE finding hot chicks to bang on CL, it’s like my fav. thing to do EVER.
It’s real easy, I post some sexy pics of me, let girls know that I’m single and I prefer pillow princesses.
Next thing you know my email floods! I have to

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Filthy Working Girl

Showered to get Filthy

I have been overwhelmed lately with all the little details of getting my site up. It was a real nice change tonight to get my pussy munched after a much needed long shower.
Ever since my friend April Snow & I went to the NY Plaza, (on the dime of a little pay

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Cumming back to Florida

What a vaca I had!!
Florida for 2 weeks, and just like before I CANT WAIT to go back.
My whole trip started with me going to FL to stay with Jeff at the CumLiveWithUs house.
An amazingly perverted idea by my good friend, basically girls are live streaming in the house 24/7 whether they’re eating, sleeping, pissing,

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Fetish Party At Rooftop

This blog is about My first Fetish Party at the Rooftop. Which was back in October 2014
 Rudy (One of My Slaves) and I parked a bit away and had to walk.
The hotel looked pretty normal from the outside, it was just a little pink building that said “Rooftop” on it.
We walked in and I immediately

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