This blog is about My first Fetish Party at the Rooftop. Which was back in October 2014
 Rudy (One of My Slaves) and I parked a bit away and had to walk.
The hotel looked pretty normal from the outside, it was just a little pink building that said “Rooftop” on it.
We walked in and I immediately felt something… like I was part of a secret kinky society or something walking in.
I was already dressed in My fetish gear so I didn’t have to change upstairs or hide My clothes in my bag. The security guards molested me with their eyes and I loved every second of it, I think I loved even more that I was w/ Rudy and everyone there saw and knew he was with me. I like knowing they wish THEY were with Me.
So we signed in and went upstairs, the bar was dark the music was loud. Lots of people dressed in costumes… some extravagant, some not so much… you could tell it was a fetish party though.
So Rudy and I go back to the locker room, he starts changing when Tammy and her husb. walks in. Tammy & husb. are a couple where the wife doms the husb, but she submits to other women. <3<3XoXo guess who???!!?!
Tammy was wearing a babydoll style black see through lingerie thingy… nothing elaborate, but sweet and sexy. Tammy wasn’t young either, not even close to My age, there was every possibility this woman could have been My mother, and I think that in itself made is so hot that she was submitting to someone as young as Me.
My fav. part, however,  was that she wasn’t wearing ANY panties. She had a little landing strip, not too much… curly brunette hair that just bounced on her shoulders, red lips and from what i can remember some bright blue eyes. She was very faceable. I lifted up her skirt once we made eye contact, letting her know I was acknowledging she wasn’t wearing anything under her little dress. I nodded and approved of her… but was too excited to play with everything else I couldn’t focus too much. I dropped her dress and walked away.
So on my way out of the locker room, this pretty young thing walks by wearing a leopard corset some stockings, who gives a fuck what else, and a ponytail. She was wearing a collar which is basically (to my understanding) a symbol of submission… so I grabbed her by her collar and looked at the tag. It said “owned and loaned”. That made me very happy. I asked who owned her, she said “Max”, I told her I wanted to play with her, and when she returned to the bar she needed to tell her owner I met her and that I want to borrow her.
From there I went to the bar.
Rudy and I got some drinks, I enjoyed looking around to see what was going on n happening, Rudy walked me to a private area, it was rather large actually. A HUGE bed in the center shaped like a heart, mirrors for walls and ceilings,  there were a few people inside sitting down, a couple on the bed we’re kinda makin out n fooling around.
Then there was a room next to it with some swings, that was a smaller room, mirrors on one side, 2 swings on the other.
 Then Rudy carried me up the stairs Fireman style, which was the hottest fucking thing, I have tbh. It was like 4 fuckin flights… made me wet needless to say. Okay moving on…
So the roof was pretty sweet, big in-ground/in-roof pool w lights and it was heated, cute little bar to the side. Then on the right side was more of a tent kind of but the whole length of the building.
There was this massive steel arch in the center, and hanging upside-down from his ankles in the center of it, was a very heavy set white man. He was butt naked and looked like he couldn’t be happier! There was this chick kneeling in front of him, kinda dressed like a gothic/zombie cheerleader and she was taking these pompoms across his chest and stomach and thighs, the same way you see one of those bitches in a rave with her hands (doing the hand thing now).
I WAS LIKE NOOOO SHIT! So I ran over and sat next to her and asked what the dilio was, turns out theres these little metal pieces in the pom poms so every time they touched the skin there were these tiny electrical shocks!
 I asked her to do it to my arm, definitely not unbearable… but pretty intense; it’s not something you wouldn’t notice.
There was this other thing I watched too, but I apparently have little experience with it, but it was fascinating and very intimate to watch. There was a very tiny petite skinny little man kneeling over this bench type thing… padded n all for comfort… and there was an older woman in a long black dress kind of kneeling over him, and it looked as if she was massaging him very emotionally, she was like putting her face against his back and just… it looked like a love scene ya know… but she wasn’t massaging him I soon realized. Every so often he would let out these loud shrills and shreaks and screams… she was hurting him, passionately. I guess she was grabbing his skin with her palms and then squeezing it and digging her nails into him… just hurting him basically, but they looked so in love. It seemed very intense and passionate… I was too horny and excited to watch long though, once I figured out what was happening I went back downstairs.
Tammy was sitting in a chair all poised up talking down to her husb. it seemed, he was kneeling in front of her and she looked as if she was taunting him. For some reason the thought of her submitting to me in front of her husband who is submitting to her just REALLY turns me on. So I made a b-line straight towards her. I have to be straight forward I don’t remember the transition or how I got to it… but I remember this
I told her husb. to hold one of her ankles up and rudy to hold the other one up. This was in the middle of the bar and she was sitting on one of those high chairs EVERYONE could see us. Once my two slave boys were holding her ankles high in the air for me I went to town. My first pussy of the night =) She smelled and tasted great, I loved sticking my ass out in the air while I licked her puss in front of her husband, I fingered her pussy and made him lick it off my fingers.
At one point she looked at me and told me how she wanted to be used by everyone in the bar. It was like waterworks for me, I fuckin love little whores.
I told Rudy to start fingering fucking her, and I began recruiting… bw licking her pussy and sharing her holes I’d look up and whoever made eye contact with me first won. I had to shout over the music that I needed to use their cocks, I had a whore who needed used. All 3 guys I called over were clearly with other women… I liked the idea that they were so taken by me and the fact that I was instructing them that they completely forgot they were with anyone. HaHa!
 I wish I remembered every detail, but I don’t, I can see it in my head like a movie… but basically I had orchestrated somewhat of a massive orgy right in the middle of the bar there were at least 5-6 people connected with hands cocks lips or fingers, something was touching. Apparently a security guard came over a few times and asked a few guys to take it into the private room…. and all the other guys said FUCK YOU BUDDY lol. I can understand that, plus they kept telling security they weren’t the one in charge that it was me.
Once I was finished munching and came up for some air the security guard asked me to take it to another room, and I don’t want to be a hassle for staff, I know that shit sux.
The truth is everyone, I know a lot more happened after that… but I’ll have to write about it another day, because I’m so tired I’m headed to bed 😉