Showered to get Filthy
I have been overwhelmed lately with all the little details of getting my site up. It was a real nice change tonight to get my pussy munched after a much needed long shower.
Ever since my friend April Snow & I went to the NY Plaza, (on the dime of a little pay pig of course) showering has been a little different. It’s not enough that we take extra time and care to groom our Goddess like bodies, but we decided to get extensions. Now our hair is longer than ever and we look sexy as fuck! With that being said, showering takes even longer because we each have all this extra hair to wash.
So where was I? Oh yes… so I had a friend of mine over tonight… what a hunk. All my cuckolds adore watching this manbull pump in and out of me, he’s ripped of course, big arms, big muscles, and not to mention a real big cock.
I love watching him rinse off, makes me dripping wet watching the water streaming down his back.
After we got out of the shower and dried off he didn’t skip a beat. I had just finished wrapping my hair in  a towel and he reached behind me and picked me up by my ass cheeks. Its like a wave of heat rushes through my body when a man is strong enough to pick me up like that, I feel helpless and powerless.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and he proceeded walking to the bedroom, hands still cupping my ass. The first thing he asks is if I cleaned up the bed =/… if any of you know me, the answer is no. ( I HATE SLEEPING IN BEDS) I’m a couch girl…. I don’t know why but I am.  He says oh well and says I’m just going to have to lay on top of it.
Next thing I know he throws me on my back spreads my legs, and finds his way down to my sweet snatch.
I FUCKING LOVE having my pussy ate, it has to be right though. I trained this one so he’s great. He kissed my pussy lips so sweet, flicking his tongue real lightly over my clit. My favorite is when its kissed real soft, like you’re making out with it like its the most beautiful angel in the world (after all it is) Suck on it REAL soft, shakin’ you’re head back and forth and humming. He drove me so crazy so fast I came all over his face in less than 5 minutes, I couldn’t believe it, that’s a record for me, lol. What made it even better was right as I started cumin and my hips were rocking up into his face, he stuck two fingers in my dripping pussy and started finger fucking me while I was cumming. It was like my orgasm could have blew the roof off the house. By the time he was done my juices were dripping off of his chin it was so sexy, of course like the nice person I am I cleaned it all up… with my tongue.
Well…. back to the grind for me, lots of work to do, everyone is going to really enjoy what we’ve got in store for you =)
<3 Robin