Ch-Che, Check it out!!! My first blog post! This is definitely the most exciting blog post of them all, on any chicks site for that matter. I really feel like sometimes, that excitement comes from the feeling of something “new” starting, beginnings, etc. etc. The thing is, this isn’t new to me, none of it, BDSM, The world of fetish, being kinky, letting people watch me online…

I have a feeling your not new to this either, are you? I guarantee we have so much in common. Like you I’m sure, I’ve been learning and discovering more about myself and the world of kink everyday, and day by day I find myself drawn closer and closer to the deeper darker more taboo extremes. This is going to be a very exciting journey for both of us, I look forward to you watching… haha get it? That’s an extravert joke, lol!

This blog is being written in the good ol’ state of Pennsyltucky, land of the redneck and home of the Yankees! Lol. Once upon a time I lived in this place, as much as I’d love to talk shit on it, I wouldn’t be Me without it, but I’m not sad I’m gone. I shall return to the paradise sands of South Florida on Monday, 4/20. Haha… 420.

Theres a lot to finish up this week… lots of video to edit. Ariel returned from vacation so she’s been catching up on missed chores while she was gone. Roxie and I are working on our next video together. I’m sure everyone will LOVE that. The Rooftop has another fetish party this weekend and I’ve got MAD Tinder dudes lined up, haha.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a pretty freaky bitch, lol! I like sex, and I like kink, and due to an incredible set of circumstances I’m grateful to say I have a rather delusional reality, in short I do whatever I want typically whenever I want. That doesn’t mean I’m flying private jets all over the world and eating caviar from brunch (eww), it means I live a lifestyle that allows me to experience a plethora of things that most women my age wouldn’t get to experience. If I want to smoke half a Oz. of weed a day, I can (and do), If I want threesomes, orgies, and sex parties in my living room for 3 days at a time, I get them (and have had them). If I want sexy 18yr old house slaves that I can fuck whenever I want, I get them, (and have some). If I want to see men suck cock, eat cum, or maybe just get on their knees and grovel at my feet, I get to see it (and have).

It works out that I have this whole RobinsBody thing going now, because you all get to follow along and watch Me live My life. It’s like you somehow get to be part of it! The best part is that you know it’s all real. If you’re watching it, it really happened and I filmed it or got someone else to hold the camera. My films or content is not fake or “staged” for that matter. I am a real girl with real kinky interests and I like when people watch. I film myself with my slaves as often as I can so you can watch. (HAAWWWTT!!!)

You can see my clip store thats updated every week

I’d like to make a HUGE shoutout to my BESTEST friend and The Sexiest Diabolical Evil Mistress April Snow, thank you for all your help along the way, you are sexy and amazing and awesome! Be sure to check out her used panty gallery

Here are some pictures from My day of travel and bit of shenanigans at JFK airport during my layover. Enjoy!!