Paula was sexy…

I’m quite the Craiglist Predator, lol. I absolutely LOVE finding hot chicks to bang on CL, it’s like my fav. thing to do EVER.
It’s real easy, I post some sexy pics of me, let girls know that I’m single and I prefer pillow princesses.
Next thing you know my email floods! I have to go through hundreds of penis pictures, don’t ask me why it’s so necessary for me to see your dick on a w4w posting, but w/e.
So one of the many responses was from Paula… pretty Paula. She’s from Uraguay or someshit… who fuckin cares dark hair great body and a sexy accent, that’s all that matters.
We talked briefly over text, she told me about her experience or rather lack there of with women…
I tried not to scare her away with my details, haha, I just insisted she come over.
Let me skip the boring details and get to the part where I made my move. So I have to say, the pics do her no justice, this chickadee is smoking hot in person. I suggest a foot rub to her, I just got this new lotion., and she was down. I had her lay her legs across my lap and I peeled her ankle socks slowly off her feet. Her toes were painted red, just like mine, we matched it was so cute. I started rubbing lotion all over her gorgeous feet, they were like angels feet so sexy.
I felt her relax immediately and I got into my groove… I rubbed her toes, her ankles, the soles of her feet and the heels of her feet. After I slid her leggings up and continued massaging her calves and shins… slowly working my way up I suggested she take off her pants so I don’t get lotion on them. Of course she said “okay” then there it was, like a christmas present wrapped in see through paper. She was wearing these dark blue pair of panties, thong, lace, I could see her pretty pussy peeking at me. She had a fat one… (Don’t you just love pussy? its so different) She had a nice fat pretty pussy, like it was pouting almost, so ancy to see me. She had the nice pussy lips, smelled amazing and sweet, but the hood of her clit was nice n fat. Not too big, just enough that I could suck on it all by itself. Fuck it was hot.
I teased her for quite some time, kissing all around her panties, on top of them, beside them… I waited until she started rocking her hips into my face before I slid her panties off, I had to worn her she wouldn’t be getting them back.
Her pussy was amazing boys n girls… she was so sweet and wet for me…. she pulled her legs up too and spread it for me like such a good girl. I knew I was doing good when she started moaning in her native language, lol. It was like when those Spanish bitches say “Ieeyye Poppu” but w/o the Poppy, just the “ieeeyee”
I ate her laying down, I bent her over the couch and licked her from behind and lemme tell you this bitch adored having her salad tossed. I licked her asshole forever, she kept pushing into me and all I wanted to do was tongue fuck her tight little ass. But of course there was that pussy, so I turned over and let her straddle my face while I ate it. Eventually I had her doing some sort of squat on the couch eventually and I was in front w my knees on the carpet… I fucked her with my fingers and one of my toys… but her orgasm build up was to fuckin die for.
You know how a bitch tenses up when she’s about to pop? I felt every muscle in her body just spasm, she started squeezing my head bw her legs and I thought my eyes we’re going to pop out! lol, but I loved listening to her small gasps get louder and louder knowing she was getting closer and closer.
My favorite part was when she came in my mouth, she was a squirter, omfg it was incredible. She convulsed and jerked all over my fingers and mouth, rocking her hips up and down smearing her cum all over my chin and cheeks, fuck it was SOO sexy.
Sometimes I like just as much when a girl comes down from an orgasm, its fun to help her come down from it. Liking it slowly, watching her twitch if you just touch the right spot, feeling her breathing slowing down as your rocking her back and forth in your mouth, feeling her pussy convulsions start slowing and softening up. I know it was a job well done once I feel her dripping down my chin.
I would have pulled out my strap on to fuck her, but she was actually driving me to the airport, it was time for Florida.